Why I joined Lemongrass Spa

I recently decided to join Lemongrass Spa as a Spa Consultant because I really loved their products! I was looking for products that were natural, healthy and safe. After doing A LOT of research I found Lemongrass Spa.

The company stood out to me, the founder had a story that was really similar to mine. She was pregnant and was looking at her skincare and cosmetic products and realized just how many toxins were in the things she was wearing.

My story isn’t much different….

I had my daughter in May 2017. She had difficulties digesting food and keeping her weight up, and I was terrified. She is a fighter and everything is good now, but I was constantly worried about what she would come into contact with. I wanted to protect her from anything that could possibly make her unhealthy!

I knew from my 10+ years working as a makeup artist and in the cosmetology field, the stuff that women put on their faces….is not healthy! I knew that many of the things that men use in their hygiene routine, aren’t healthy! It’s not really something that the media likes to tell you, and usually it isn’t until someone gets really sick, that it becomes an issue (take the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder disaster, for example) Its really sad actually.

I wish I would have considered this a lot earlier, but I was so young when I had my son. It just wasn’t something I thought about. Much like everyone else, I thought….”Oh its sold in Target/Walmart/Ulta……it HAS to be safe!”


And it wasn’t until I saw it with my own eyes, that I REALLY realized just how bad things were.

My husband was sitting with me in our bathroom watching me get ready one day. Messing around with my dry shampoo bottle, he (for whatever reason) decided he was going to read the back label. And i’ll never forget, he read the ingredient list and it stopped him dead in his tracks…..The FIRST listed ingredient in my dry shampoo (that I purchased at Ulta) was Butane!!


In case you are wondering, why that might sound a little familiar….yeah, its lighter fluid! It’s what LIGHTER FLUID is made out of.

And it immediately hit both of us….

Our daughter puts my hair into her mouth!! LIKE ALL THE TIME….(shes either sucking on my hair or trying to rip it out)

I don’t know about you, but the thought of my daughter sucking on lighter fluid, REALLY REALLY made me upset. And even though it might be different than actual lighter fluid, they might change it for hair products or it might be in small quantities. I was wearing it, darn near every single day! It starts to add up over time.

When you google “Butane” you will find some pretty serious warnings…it can impair the brain and nervous system causing an increased heart rate, dizziness and loss of consciousness if inhaled. And the long term effects can be sudden collapse, coma, respiratory failure, liver and kidney failure and even death!!

That was my “ahhhh hell no” moment!

I’ve been hooked ever since! I threw out all my old makeup and skincare stuff which was hard because it was a lot of $$$ down the toilet, and I know my husband kinda cringed a bit…but it really has been for the best. My skin has improved, and I dont worry if my daughter grabs my face and then sucks on her fingers, that she is going to get some horrible chemicals in her mouth from my makeup.

I realize I sell it, so you are probably thinking…..she’s just desperate to sell it.


I started using Lemongrass Spa because I was really looking for something healthy, I started selling the product because I fell in love with it. And let’s be honest, I get a discount!

I’d love to share it with you, IF you are interested, but more importantly…I just want everyone to consider healthier alternatives for cosmetics and skincare ! If not for yourself, then for the sake of your kiddos and family!!


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